Pipeline Protection

Three decades of protecting your pipelines. Since 1981 we have provided engineering solutions for the protection, anchoring, ballasting and stabilisation of under-sea pipelines and cables.

The SARMAC® mattress – Our tried and tested innovation. Since then we have patented the SARMAC® mattress: a simple to deploy, pre-fabricated bitumen matrix(-)filled mattress which maintains flexibility even in cold water and deforms to the profile of the object it is protecting. This product is technically proven and has been used extensively in the Oil & Gas industry where its flexibility and impact resistance have been important for numerous offshore applications including pipeline crossings and protection.

Our ACBM system – reducing costs and your carbon footprint. More recently, our ACBM (Articulated Concrete Block Mattress) system offers value-for-money protection for oil and gas pipelines, sewage outfalls and the like. This system features a patented and innovative, transportable formwork which enables the production of concrete mattresses wherever it is required. This reduces the transportation costs and carbon footprint of the solution.


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