Maccaferri MacBag® is a bag made from woven geotextile, filled on site with sand or grout and used in the construction of groins, perched beaches and offshore breakwaters. It can also be used for the basal protection of marine structures and also as a support for sub-marine pipelines.

Once installed MacBag® accepts the shape of the seabed, filling gaps between structures or to support pipelines. The “compliant” nature and size of the filled MacBag® also enables it to be successfully used in dune reconstruction or to provide rapid repairs after storm events.

MacBags® are composed of a bag made of a high tenacity polyester or poly-propylene woven geotextile that is filled prior to installation. The structure is resistant to UV, has a high tensile strength and long durability. It is produced in elements of different sizes depending on the project needs.
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