Dune Reconstruction

Dune construction and preservation solutions. The immense value that sand dunes offer in terms of shoreline stability and coastal security is widely recognized and many countries have undertaken projects to reconstruct and preserve existing dunes.

Tekno Maccaferri offers technical solutions which combine landscape and environmental requirements with material availability and ease of implementation. For interventions where there is a readily available supply of sand, MacTubes® and MacBags® are suitable technical solutions, whereas gabions and Reno or Marine mattresses are alternatives where rocks or other material is available.


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Türkiye’de 25 yıldan uzun bir süredir Tekno Maccaferri olarak büyüyerek yürüdüğümüz bu yolda, 2019 yılı itibariyleMaccaferri Çevreci Mühendislik Çözümleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. olarak yenilikçi bir anlayış ve vizyon ile faaliyetlerimize devam etmekteyiz.