Construction over Voids

Protection from subsidence. High strength geogrids and geotextiles are often used in areas where mining subsidence is expected, or in areas where natural voids and solution features can occur. These features can occur suddenly and are often a circular or elliptical shape.

Tekno Maccaferri geo-solutions. Paralink® high strength geogrids are placed over the area of concern, extending a calculated distance either side of the anticipated void. In the event that the ground beneath collapses the geogrid or geotextile will span this void, supporting the ground above.

For less onerous or short-term conditions, MacTex® W2 woven geotextiles can be used as reinforcement.

Highly-designed and successful. Paralink® geogrids satisfy the most stringent design criteria and have been successfully used for many years in these applications. Our engineers and technicians are always able to provide support during both the design and installation stages.

Tekno Maccaferri experience and expert knowledge. Note that as ALL geogrids and geotextiles (regardless of manufacturer and polymer used) need to strain (extend) prior to providing functional reinforcement. It is therefore necessary to be sure that the serviceability strain limits of the embankment are compatible with the expected long-term strain of the geogrid. As geogrid manufacturers and project designers with specific geotechnical skills, we have a thorough knowledge of the product performance over time. Our engineers, with the use of our MacBARS design software, are able to provide an invaluable contribution towards the solving of these types of problems.


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